I was working the other day and these words began to fill my mind and I had to pen them down. This poem is to my son, as it were, from Jesus. He is currently wayward, and the subject of much heartache and grief to his mother, brother and sister, and me. Please pray for him.


Pretend that I'm not listening,
Like I do not even care,
Like I'm glad you never call me,
Glad that you're out of my hair.

Pretend that I'm not near you,
Like I've left and went away,
Your path is unimportant,
And I'm not watching, anyways.

Pretend that I don't like you,
Like I am really mad,
Tifted 'cause you don't follow me,
My thoughts toward you are bad.

Pretend it doesn't matter,
That there's no certain way,
That there's no absolutes in life,
And you'll just cease one day.

Pretend that it's just vain thoughts,
These dreams you have at night,
If you could just convince yourself,
That, you, perhaps, are right.

But I thought I would tell you,
What I am doing right now,
I'm talking to the Father,
Of the day that you will bow.

When you will finally see them,
My nail-pierced feet and hands,
Your eyes will then be openned,
And you will understand.

That I've loved you every second,
While you have been away,
Caressed your cheek with moonlight,
Sent a breeze on a hot day.

Oh how I long to hear you,
The sweet songs you used to sing,
When your heart was tender,
When I was your King.

If you want to find me,
Then just call out my name,
I'll rush to be there with you,
On my heels there will be flames!

We'll embrace just like we used to.
We will wash the shame away,
You'll remember that I LOVE YOU.
And sing sweet songs again.

Signed in blood and tears,