Proverbs 30:25, The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their food in the summer

I dont know about you, but eventually sometime during the summer months here in New York, they come back to prove that Agur, the writer of Proverbs 30, was right. They appear one by one on our kitchen counter or in the cupboards to prepare their food in the summer. On their own, these little pesky guys arent very strong at all, but they sure can be very persistent. No matter how clean we keep the kitchen, and regardless of what brand of repellent we use, those ants always seem to find another crack through which to poke their tiny heads, and almost nothing can stop them. According to Proverbs 30:24, ants are exceedingly wise. Their wisdom is seen in their ability to work together as they gather their food in the summer 6:6-8. One lone ant cant accomplish much. Oh, he can move a few crumbs around and dig out a few grains of dirt, but he can never construct a vast underground community by himself. That requires communication and cooperation. But ants are experts at teamwork, and thats the point they can teach us. Ants, little on the earth, yet so wise. People masters of the earth, yet still learning from the ants.

(1) As a believer, in the Lords army, are you learning the lesson of working together with your fellow believers in Christ to accomplish Gods work?

(2) Or, are you trying to do it all yourself, risking burnout and failure?

Remember that Gods work done in Gods way requires teamwork.