Journalist organization, Obama condemn attacks on reporters in Egypt

A journalist shot a week ago while covering a demonstration died Friday, a state newspaper reported, according to the committee.

It was the first reported journalistic death during the weeklong uprising, it said.

Ahmad Mohamed Mahmoud of the newspaper Al-Ta'awun, published by the state-owned Al-Ahram Foundation, died from a sniper's bullets fired while he was filming confrontations between demonstrators and security forces January 28 in central Cairo's Qasr al-Aini area, adjacent to Tahrir Square, Al-Jazeera and the semi-official Al-Ahram reported Friday, according to the committee.

The Mubarak regime hasn't discriminated in which sorts of journalists are being attacked: Egyptians and other Arabs, Russians, Americans, Europeans and South Americans all have been targeted, the committee said.

Speaking on state-run Nile TV Thursday, Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman mentioned the role of the media and, at least in part, blamed journalists for the country's current unrest.

"I actually blame certain friendly nations who have television channels, they are not friendly at all, who have intensified the youth against the nation and the state," he said. "They have filled in the minds of the youth with wrongdoings, with allegations, and this is unacceptable."
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I realize that its a huge strain reporters on getting these reports out and typed up and put on the news and net...but I had to scroll more then half way down this news article to find out what reported was killed and how it happened and it should have been at the top of the news story. Especially since 'reporter killed' was on their front page..I click on it and read and read and read before I even found this information. Maybe if he had been an American reporter it would have show up in the first sentence? Don't know.

I also don't know if putting reporters in danger like this is really necessary. Does the world really need to know every single minute what is going on over there? Is it so important to risk their lives over? Personally..I don't think so. I think its a tragedy and if these countries had any sense at all they would all pull their reporters out of there before more get killed or crippled. Its not worth it. We will find out what is going on by the people that live there..people always have a way of getting information out.

Just my

God bless