We started attending the Church we are currently members of in August of 2009. One of the first things that impressed me is their youth and childrens Church.

Not only do they have youth every Sunday night from 6 to 8, the youth leaders do so much with with the teens. Marion (my 15 year old) attended youth explosion, which was a weekend of Christian bands, Preaching and Teaching from several different bands and Ministers. They also did lazer tag and roller skating during the weekend.

Last March they went as a group to Michigan to see Winter Jam which featured Third Day, the Newsboys, Newsong and several others.

They have many events the youth leaders host as well. Overnight lock ins at the Church, cook outs at their home as well as being there whenever the kids need them.

Marion got into some legal trouble and was placed in JDC. The very next day the youth leaders (a married couple) went and spent 2 hours with her. They visited her more than once.

Childrens Church is just as wonderful.

The Church also opens up their dance and flags to anyone who is interested. My 11 year old in on the dance team.

I've seen such remarkable changes in my girls since joining a Church that is all about love and acceptance. That said, Marion has received correction more than once but it's always done in love.

I firmly believe to be a happy and functional family a good solid youth and Childrens Church is a must for the teens and children.