God is so amazing, and recently I have had the chance to start hearing and really listening to the many ways in which HE works in peoples lives.

We recently started a website giving a way for Christians of all denominations to share stories of God working in their lives and give thanks for their relationship with Jesus Christ.

For those of you who don't know it or who haven't heard of it (which I am assuming is most people as we haven't been around that long) it is called praiseoftheday.com

We've had people testifying to the power of the Lord in their lives on such things as reuniting families, keeping sober, and just loving God in everyday life.

What I've learned from the short time we've been around as a website: even if you don't see it right away, just praying and praising can be a wonderful way to get to know God and strengthen your relationship with Christ.

I just thought I would share this story, because even though we started the website to let other people share and voice their praise, I want to Praise God for giving me the opportunity to do so, I think this may be the start of a wonderful thing and really has impacted the way I understand and have a relationship with Praise.