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Thread: Rabbi Willis

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    Re: Rabbi Willis

    Quote Originally Posted by Fenris View Post
    Dude, it's all ZOG.

    Who invented the atom bomb? Jews

    wow i did not know that.

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    Re: Rabbi Willis

    Quote Originally Posted by IMINXTC View Post
    Zionist Occupied Government
    Or perhaps Zebra's On Geritol???

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    Re: Rabbi Willis

    Quote Originally Posted by Liquid Tension View Post
    Or perhaps Zebra's On Geritol???

    Zoo Owners Garage.
    If Satan can keep us busy swinging our swords at one another, there is no hope of a united attack on the kingdom of darkness. KJV, NIV, ESV or ABCDEFG; there is no time to bicker over such things. We'll devour each other if allowed to continue. We should grab the marching orders written in the way we best understand and get to work.


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    Re: Rabbi Willis

    Zone of Girls..............
    E ku'u lesu, ku'u Ho'ola
    'O'oe ke ala,
    A me ka 'oia'i'o
    A me Keolamauloa

    My Jesus, My savior. You are the way, the truth and the everlasting life. Amen

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    Re: Rabbi Willis

    Zoolanders Obviously Gnarly.

    I suppose that ones for you Fenris if you know what im talking about 8)

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