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Thread: Christian Fiction for Teens?

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    Christian Fiction for Teens?

    What are some of the best Christian fiction books out there for teens?

    I'm a 7th grade teacher, we have reading time for 15 minutes every day, and thought it would be cool if the kids asked me what I was reading and I was able to guide them to a Christian fiction book.



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    Re: Christian Fiction for Teens?

    Well, the Left Behind books are certainly good books. Other than that, anything by C.S. Lewis would probably be good. I have some others, but I can't think of the titles right now, I will have to dig through by book collection sometime and see what they are again.

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    Re: Christian Fiction for Teens?

    I'm glad your taking the initiative to help motivate teens to christianity, unfortunately the only christian book I've read is the bible and still it's mostly Jewish, (not the meaning but the characters), but If you find any good ones id be more than appreciative if you'd share them. Although I do know of some I heard was good like "the shack," and "streams in the desert."
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    Re: Christian Fiction for Teens?

    Focus on the Family has some kids and teen books out. I read one of their books in my teens once (Unplanned Summer or something like that; it was about teen pregnancy and abortion pretty much), and I liked it at the time, so that's one place to look for books. C. S. Lewis has the Narnia books (hey, some teens still love those books), that sci-fi series, Screwtape Letters, or a couple allegories. Frank Peretti writes some pretty awesome Christian thriller books (like This Present Darkness), including the Cooper Kids series geared more for older kids/younger teens. There's also the Christy series by Catherine Marshall; I haven't read them myself, but they're still pretty popular I think. I remember reading the Archives of Anthropos by John White; really blatant allegory (much more than Narnia, believe me), but I thought they were really awesome books when I was younger.
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    Re: Christian Fiction for Teens?

    Check out Stephen Lawhead... Fantasy novels based similair to Narnia... Also, the Lord of the Rings books were also meant to be full of Christian themes. JRR Tolkien was a devout believer and a friend to CS Lewis... He tried to do something like Narnia with his books, just a little more subtle.

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