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Thread: i really hate this.

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    Re: i really hate this.

    It could be anything, but based on some of the things you've said - that you have dealt with anxiety, that this is a slow time of year so there may be more financial worries - it does sound like a psychological cause could certainly be at the root of it.

    Try calling some of the centers on the map and asking if there's a wait time for services - if one in your county has a long wait, try a county over. They can do evaluations and try to find a good way to help you out.

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    Re: i really hate this.

    Yep, I know what you mean.
    Every temptation is of the devil, and every sin leads to death.

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    Re: i really hate this.

    It could be the devil trying to scare you. I have been having nightmares like something evil is trying to get to be and I can speak to say JESUS. but i know I'm asleep so i kinda take control and wake my self up. when i wake up I'm screaming "I rebuke it in the name of JESUS! I Plead the Blood of JESUS!" after that I'm OK.
    My new name is Sanctified and Holy Just call me the Righteousness Of God.
    I'm now known as New Creation my nickname Is Covered By The Blood.
    When hell calls me bound by my past God calls me Free At Last.
    Nothings the same since Jesus came I've got my new name.

    My Favorite verse
    Isaiah 41:13
    For I, The LORD your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, 'Fear not, I will help you'.

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