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    Drifting back through mists of time
    I see a place of muddled state
    When I was trying to make my way
    Through minefields made of my self hate
    Guidance was so far away
    A self made way of living life
    Invented love, relationships
    Caused never ending times of strife.

    Oh I wish Id known The Lord
    Back to when I was a child
    Id have learned His perfect way
    Not destructive carnage wild
    Treating people properly
    Sharing, caring, being one
    Whos free of jealousy unkind
    Just like Jesus, Gods dear Son.

    Now I know how life should be
    Regrets have lost their potent sting
    Im secure in who I am
    Thanks to Him to whom I cling
    I am still a mixed up child
    A work in progress, if you like
    But He is working overtime
    Because He loves His dear child, Mike.

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    Re: TIME

    Beautifully said, from your this.

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