Oh My Lord forgive me as I bow to you my King
I've took your grace for granted when I owe you everything

Too many years I've took your gift and kept it just for me
When I should have shared that gift around so many would be free

The times I prayed for my concerns and forgot about the nations
No excuse is good enough, I have no explanations

The days I said that you were first, but knew it wasn't true
For it was "my and mine" that mattered and after that came you

The times when you were calling me, to use me for your will
But I was busy with my life , never stopping to be still

I didn't hear you through all the noise and din
And I didn't separate my life from the world and its sin

I'm so glad you've touched my life and got me back in line
And I can truly put you first and help you while there's time

I cannot give you all the time, that I have selfishly wasted
But I can share the love and grace, that thanks to you I've tasted

Use me, change me, let me now live to serve
Let me give you the honor and fame you deserve!

blessings to you