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Thread: Dealing with stress and people?

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    Dealing with stress and people?

    I have just started a career as a dialysis technician. I have never had a medical job or really worked with people. I feel as though this is the door God has opened for me. When we put patients on and then take them off. It is one shift. When we have shift change (1st shift coming off and 2nd going on)its very stressful to me. People have a tendancy to be ugly and rude. I also do not handle stressful situations well. I tend to get very anxious. I know we should not worry and have faith in the Lord to see us through. I was just wondering what you have found successful in the heat of the moment. Have tried counting but does not seem to work.
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    Re: Dealing with stress and people?

    I just ignore people for the most part unless they get out of hand. I kind of take a "whatever" attitude to rude people.

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    Re: Dealing with stress and people?

    dear bl .......

    a golden rule I learned in dealing with people is a well known Bible principle, but with a twist .....

    You must know the idea of " you reap what you sow " ......

    an added truth to that is choosing to be a sower or a reaper ....

    you can either reflec the attitude of those around you, ( reaper )... or you can set the scene ......

    sow smiles right into the hostle lot, ans see what happens ......

    any job is a mission field, more so when you work with people ...
    especialy people in a stresful situation like dialisis .....
    but your best sermon is not in your words, but in your attitude ......
    live Christ to them and see the results .....

    (((h))) ... m
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    Re: Dealing with stress and people?

    Love those around you all the more, when stress brings tensions.

    Not an easy thing to do even if you've intentionally practice this for years, it is still hard to do, but doing it will reward you where you are and will bless those around wherever Father has placed you.
    Seeing the results or the reaction to this loving people in your environment all the more when stress brings tensions, seeing those results will cause you to trust and rely on this "love/mercy/grace" method more and more.

    Jesus and Paul practiced this and it worked for them by building Father's Kingdom.

    As for any hostility.... ignore it unless it becomes extreme or gets physical. If it becomes extreme or physical then take the issue to established authorities which are in place for such situations.

    Father bless, and have mercy on us.

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