How wonderful it must be
To be free, from this mortality
With all its limitations, and
Inevitable suffering
Oh, how lovely it is
To put on your waxen wings
Like Icarus, and fly
Fly so high
High above the clouds
Beyond the realm of man
Towards the sun
Escape this labyrinthine existence
Above it all

It is tragic though
That it is quite lonely out there
All by yourself in isolation
With no one to relate to.
And in the height of passion
The closer you get to the sun
Far from home
You venture into the unknown
As you fall into non-being
And all your relevancy
Turns into strangeness
Your mind in a dizzying twirl
You lose your senses and become mad!
Nonetheless, in your madness
The vanity that spurs you on,
The unquenchable zest to attain the impossible
You ascend ever so much higher
As the heat of the sun
Scorches your wings
And you come crashing
Back down to the earth
To your destruction!

But, isn't it great
That moment of glory,
In self exaltation
To be above it all.
Above the wretch of man
And become a god.

Yes, it is wonderful indeed
Not to be burdened
With the troubles,
That plague mere mortals
For instance,
Like, in trying to understand
The faltered, fallibility of man
How frail we really are
In need of love and compassion!

Of course, however
To love is to see weakness (vulnerability)
The weakness in you!
The weakness in me!
And through this weakness
Come to understand, the need for love
For love: though in turn makes weak,
By the wound inflicted, in the
Laying down, emptying, dying of self;
Makes perfect, strong, whole, in weakness!

And through weakness
We come to see our emptiness
We then fall, inward
Into our unknown terrain
And face the uncertainty
Of our, this, existence
The darkness in search of light
Is the real quest
For regardless of what you may believe in
There is no external answer
Cept to open oneself,
Look into the eyes of another
And create the bond
That fills the empty void
And builds the bridge of hope

But why trouble yourself
With this nonsense
Its better to repress and harden yourself
To the reality of what is
And to the needs and feelings of others
And to insulate yourself from the uncertainty
After all, why get bogged down
With the questioning of things,
To figure things out,
To discover who i really am.
It may arouse much anxiety
And get cast headlong
Falling into the abyss
Of the nothing that you are.
Its better to stand above
The reality of what i am
That way i will never have to face
The despair, the terror and dread
And above all,
The humiliation that ensues
In coming to the realization
Of your insignificance

For the way to true fulfillment
Is to be!
Open and free,
Means to have nothing
But the will to serve life!

No way, says the pride in man
Never, i can not, and will not
Ever, ever, ever let go
Of my ego.
For there is no power in being
And likewise so, was the rationale of satan
As he looked at God
Who is pure being, love and light
Never, said he
Will i ever be like that
Weak, boring, unexciting, glamourless
I will rise above the clouds
And be greater than the most high
I will have it all!
I will prove that my way
Is the better way!

Yes, man, learn from your
Father the devil
He sure has it all.
But he lost out,
On being, spirit and life
The light of the sun,
Has been eclipsed
And the soul is fallen into shadows
Forever reaching into darkness
Eternal nothingness and death!