Said tn e child to the tree, why is it that you
never seem to answer me
Said the man to the clouds, i wish i can be as
joyous as you and free
Cried the daughter to her mother, why don't you
leave me be
Fearfully the boy submits to his father, and
darkness is his gift for eternity

Said the madman to his fellowman, i will become
the greatest, wait and see
Said the sadist to his victim, never will i abase
myself to be as lowly as thee
Everyone is looking for a way from their unsettled
state, to be appeased
They can see one another peripherally, abstractly,
but cannot reason that they are lost, and cannot
look inwardly

These are the ways of man, a slave to himself,
his life is vain
Desires the vain glory of this earthly moment, its
treasures he seeks to gain
As the inner emptiness grows more vast, only to
reap isolation and anguish, never to be at peace
For he wills not to open himself to the truth that
saves, and is not free

But even then, to give more drama to the madness
that never ends, cunning and shrewd, as shrewd as
man can be
He creates an idol, a projected ideal image of his god,
and imagines to himself that he is free
And bows to his idol, asking, wanting, give me, give me,
all that i need so that i never have to face the person,
the real me
Time moves on, flowing are the waters of the sea, and
the grown up, undeveloped child, is still talking to a tree

Said the honest person unto the other person, i am
shouting from a mountain high
My words no one seems to hear, they just vanish
into thin air
Said the liar in his heart, it will all be mine, mine, mine,
the treasures that exist in the sky
His words everyone seems to hear, they stick like
honey in people's ears

These were troubling thoughts passes through my
mind one night
And then, in the solitude, like lightning out of the blue,
something appeared; inexplicably strange, out of mind,
of otherworldly light
In awe i was and looking up, i saw, behold, all the stars
in the heaven were flickering through waves of infinity
Into the beyond, beyond, where dwells the Eternal: And
what is man? Falling into the nothingness of what i am,
woe is me!

Though beyond my comprehension, words of knowledge
seemed to pass through my mind
And at the same time, came to the realization of just
how certain i was, am, blind
For once i thought that i was so intelligent, a sure
know it all
Now i know, that the intellect of man cannot fathom,
what lies beyond his cubicle

I was humbled and saw myself for what i truly am, in
ignorance, of the world above and around me
We are worlds away, dim things appear, for existence
is cloaked in mystery
Strange everything will all appear and seem, when someone
comes to know just how much he does not know
And funny indeed it is to see, things you thought you did see
but never really did see; To be, but yet not to be

Then a voice seemed to thunder in my brain
As i stood there in the downpour of rain
The wind blew up a storm, swirling its might around me
And the grass of the fields, were all bowed to their knees

Said God to man," My ways are far above your ways
In vanity must you serve the dust of your days
You are nothing but a gust of wind passing by eternity
So why must you show your proud filth, too me!

Are you greater than I, repent and learn how to love
Do not use My Name in vain, behold my power
My Kingdom fills the sky with the lights from above
Then know if you can, how life began, the underlying
of things and the secrets of the hour

What can it profit you, if you gain the world but
lose your own soul
And flatter me not, for I am not a respecter of men,
and anything you do or say has no bearing unto Me
The balance is in your hand, the mystery, wonders
and beauty of life is yours to behold
Open your eyes, start to be, walk the way step by
step to the other end, and the door will open slowly
unto you, leading into eternity where I shall be,
waiting to receive whomever shall come to me''