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Thread: Parable Of The Leaf

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    Parable Of The Leaf

    There once was a particular leaf, that lived, along with
    the other leaves, securely and loftily on the branches of
    a mighty tree. In the summer time of life, with not a care
    in the world, glorious was their existence. But he, for some
    reason was disenchanted about it all. And sensed that
    something to their existence was missing. He was not sure
    exactly what it was, but he aimed to find out and started
    to question things. And as time went on, in his pondering,
    he grew distant from the rest, and often dreamily wondered
    as he looked at the world above, around and below; what it
    must be like to be free, to experience life as an individuated
    soul. Well, one day he got his wish and the answer he was
    looking for. Now, because of his questioning of things, he
    failed to develop a deep rooted sense of belonging therein
    the community and to the nurturing source. There then blew
    a strong wind that loosened his hold and he fell to the ground

    Left lying on the street, he now, found himself; seperated from
    the shelter of home, alienated from his world, left to wander a
    long and dark road broken and alone. Fearfully he cried, hoping
    that someone would hear his cry. But there was no answer, the
    leaves in their glory just looked on. They all said one to the other,
    leave him be why should we risk our necks and comfort of home
    for someone that is not a part of us anymore. Indeed if he were
    strong, surely he would of had remained with us here in the loving
    shelter of this mighty tree. But he thought that he was wise
    constantly speaking of another world, the need to search for a
    hidden meaning in life, to delve in the mystery of who he really is
    by finding his true self. What a fool, now he is left to wander through
    a desolate land, naked and forsaken when he had all the security in
    the world with us here by the loving shelter of this mighty tree. And
    now a mighty evening wind has loosened his hold, look at him down
    there on the street below, broken by the fall, crying to the wind.
    Let his wisdom now save him, for we will not hear his cry for help,
    for when he was still with us his presence was becoming deeply
    annoying and troubling by his constant preaching about another
    world, causing great strife and discomfort amongst us. Surely now
    he will wither and pass away, he will be gone forever and leave us
    at peace.

    So time went by as the poor leaf lay helpless and withering in a
    strange and foreign land. Slowly his physical existence began to
    pass away, and thoughts of what once was began to fade. At
    that moment what could of been running through his mind? What
    could he have been thinking of? At one time to be safe and secure
    free from doubt now to be seperated from the shelter of home
    alienated from the world, left to wander a long and dark road broken
    and alone. Then from the caverns of the deep a voice came into his
    head, it was saying these words,''Ask, and it shall be given you. Seek,
    and you shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened.''

    And upon hearing the words, i proceeded to ask, (said the leaf in
    reference of himself, as he started to awaken into the reality of
    his being). And upon asking, my eyes were opened and i understood.
    And my spirit thus being awakened entered into life and for once i
    saw this new world all around me. It was on an august night and the
    stars in the heavens like living beams of light revealed their secret.
    Then in awe i looked toward the eternal sky and saw a vast universe
    with its myriad elements that holds many wonders. I saw eternity and
    the mystery as it came to my realization that i was a part of that
    eternity, forever becoming. In it i saw who i was, by it i knew that i
    was, a living soul with the gift of life.

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    Re: Parable Of The Leaf

    This should have been put in the articles section of this board! A modern parable, if I ever heard one.
    My favorite scripture: Malachi 3:16

    "Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name!" (Every time we speak of the Lord, or even THINK of him--its written down in a book of remembrance!)

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