If we pray a little louder will we feel like we're more spiritual?

If we sing a little longer, will we feel like we have praised?

If we memorize another verse before we go to sleep, will He love us more tonight than He did today?

If we never miss a Sunday, will we feel like we have served the Lord?

If we give another dollar, will it feed the poor?

If we ask another stranger, "If you die where will you go?" Will it increase what Jesus done for us, just a little bit more?

Were is your Love?
Does it come from what you do?
Where is your peace?
Does it come from Truth?
Where is your power? Are you gaining anything?
Where is your Love? Where is your Love?

Well I hope you're not offended by they words of this song.

Please know that I love you don't get me wrong?

I am not against the things we do or say, but if we don't do them Jesus loves us anyway.