Six years we accepted an adult dog from a woman in the Church. Daisy is a lab mix. Very timid. Good watch dog though. In the six years we've had her she has never developed social skills. She doesn't interact with the family. She hides most of the time. She's been like this from day one.

The vet didn't find any problems with her that may cause that behaviour.

Lately she has gotten to where she refuses to potty outside. She's also taken to trashing the house whenever we leave her alone for any length of time. I can't chain her out because she barks non stop if I do.

I've tried to find her a new home. Being as I refuse to lie about her behaviour no one wants to take her. The humane society has a waiting list of several years. I hate to take her to the pound but I don't see a whole lot of options.

I feel like it's a sin if I take her knowing they may well have to put her down. I also don't want to keep having my house smell like a dog toilet and continue to clean up all the messes she makes.

I'd love some advice here please.