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Thread: A homeless man

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    A homeless man

    Please pray for a homeless man that I met tonight. His bike got stolen and he lost his only form of transportation. His spirit was joyful though despite this but at the same time, I felt coming from him was just hardness towards this world. Like, he excepts this stuff so he's almost immune to it. I was able to pray with him, so please... keep him in your prayers.

    Thank you.
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    Re: A homeless man

    Yes, praying right now for your homeless friend.

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    Re: A homeless man

    Have prayed for him lovex and will continue to.

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    Re: A homeless man

    Prayers sent out for this man tonight.....

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    Re: A homeless man

    Oh, that is a good reminder that we need to pray for the homeless. I will certainly be praying for that man for all good things, including that he stop being homeless.
    Per Hebrew 13:3 please "Remember those in prison":

    Acts 21 Now they have been informed about you that you continually teach all the Jews who live among the Gentiles to turn back from and forsake Moses...Therefore do just what we tell you....thus everybody will know that there is no truth in what they have been told about you, but that you yourself walk in observance of the Law of Moses.

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    Re: A homeless man

    Praying that the Lord directs him to the gift of a servicable bicycle . . . and that he learns of Jesus' Love for him, and submits his life to Him.

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    Re: A homeless man

    Prayers being said.
    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23

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    Re: A homeless man


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    Re: A homeless man

    Praying as well.

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    Re: A homeless man

    Praying for him.

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    Re: A homeless man

    Thank you, Lovex for the opportunity to pray with you and the others for this man.

    I'm gonna pray that Father brings this man to His Son's feet.
    Show him who cares about him, be wooed and cooed by Father into His word and fellowship with His church.
    Give him a secure place to sleep, show him a clean place to eat and bring him a shiny new set of wheels too.

    Father have mercy on us, and protect this man till Jesus can get him in His hand.
    Do this to glorify your name and to bring us joy.

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