Jeremiah 18+19

What does the text say? – The Lord told Jeremiah to go to the potter’s house, when there he saw the potter destroy something imperfect and make it into something else. The Lord said His people are in His Hands, like the imperfect pot in the hands of the potter. If He says a nation or kingdom is to be destroyed but it renounces it’s evil ways, He will not destroy it, and if He says He will Bless a nation but it then does not obey Him He will not Bless it. Then the Lord sent Jeremiah to tell the people of Judah and Jerusalem that if they didn’t change their ways disaster would come on them; the people told Jeremiah not to waste his breath for they would live how they wanted to. Therefore the Lord said that because His people had rejected Him and worshipped idols He would make their land a desolate monument to their stupidity, He would scatter His people before their enemies, and turn His back on them. The people plotted to spread rumours about Jeremiah and ignore what he said. Then Jeremiah told the Lord the people had dug a pit to kill him even though he’d tried to protect them from the Lord’s Anger – then he asked the Lord to ensure they suffered because they had turned against him, he asked the Lord not to forgive the people’s Sins and to deal with them in anger. The Lord told Jeremiah to take a clay pot and some elders and priests to the rubbish tip outside Jerusalem, and tell them the Lord would make the city a heap of ruins, a monument to stupidity; their enemies would lay siege to the city, then as the people watched him, he must smash the pot to demonstrate how The Lord will smash Jerusalem and Judah. Jeremiah did as the Lord commanded him.

Application? – If I let Him, the Lord will make my life into something good and useful to Him. The Lord has sent each of His people, me included, to tell others of Sin and Salvation. Am I rejected by those I seek to help? Is my present life a monument to my stupidity? Do I ignore good advise? Do I get angry when my advise is ignored? Do I always obey the Lord – however difficult it may be?