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Thread: Does God want conversation?

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    Re: Does God want conversation?

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    I think that God wants us to obey and be open to follow His guidance most of all. We can get that by talking or praying to Him, at least I have. I have found that praising Him before praying or talking Him brings me closer to Him.If you are not understanding the Pastor it may be the enemy. Or, you may be in the wrong church for you, there is nothing wrong with that.Have you chosen a denomination?I went through something similar before I chose a denomination.
    Well I do go to a Baptist church, but I wouldnt say I have chosen specifically.I do enjoy the church, and everyone does seem genuine. I understand him, we just don't see eye to eye on some things, but that could be mostly my Christian youth. Perhaps I just lack experiance, or knowledge.

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    Re: Does God want conversation?

    About prayers, I used to get amazed how people can pray so smoothly and quickly as you too. But I found that this quickness or smoothness is not what's important. What is most important in prayer is that you talk to God honestly, not trying to please him with fancy words as people do with one another, and not being pressured in any way to pray longer or shorter or faster or slower. Anxiety over prayer generally disappears when you spend more and more time with God alone in prayer as with talking to a close friend.

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