Hi all, I need to ask a question about some recent events taking place in a seaside town called Victor Harbor in South Australia. There is a group of street preachers who have come to our town to preach the word (which God says to do but..), their preaching is highly offensive, loud, vulgor, they have used the word "slut" in their preaching. They JUDGED catholics and said quote "You will be in Hell with child molesting catholic preists, you will be in Hell with the Pope" They went to the local tattoo parlour and called a girl a "slut" for having a tattoo. They have said "They wish to see the tattoo shop be closed down". They target a local pub yelling at people who are outside this pub during the day, some people are here having lunch and are not alcoholics yet they are judging them and claiming these people are alcoholics. They have come on more than one occasion. They have disturbed our local markets. Poor farmers who rely on these markets to make a living, these farmers are not doing anything wrong by selling their produce at these markets yet this group known as the Adelaide Street Preachers have harassed customers of the markets so much the markets were forced to close that day.


One man who is being accussed by these preachers as being a sinner because he is at the pub drinking is at this pub because his child is dead. He and his wife sit in their child's car every night in the driveway, for hours. Just sitting there missing their child. This may or may not be the reason this man drinks, but never-the-less.. this is his business and no one elses to judge but God's.

God has said to preach the GOOD NEWS.. These preachers preach nothing but "Love God or Go To HELL".. This is not love. This is not GOOD News.

There has to be a way to make these people understand they're doing the right thing.. in a wrong way. They're judging. I've tried saying to them "First remove the plank from your own eye before removing the splinter from someone elses" they have ignored this, this is scripture yet they have ignored it. Ignored me. What can we do because I'm tired of seeing the people of my town being harassed.