Happiness & Hurt & Hope

One day my heart will know what my mind wants it to believe
That You, only You, my God, are my first and last reprieve
I let myself be deceived so long, now I try to follow You
all the time
Please my Lord, my Light just show me what to do!
Don't leave me behind!

Day by day, step by step, I long to walk in a more righteous
Looking back upon that sallow life before I knew You
It's hard to think beyond all that decay
Still I know that there is always hope in Jesus Christ
Though these prison bars every day try to sap more of my life
And I belong to His bride, His eternal wife forevermore,God willing
So this is a reminder to myself and those whose spirit He is orwill be filling

We are all His beloved every minute of every day
And if we hold fast, to the end, our reward will never fade away
So if you're down and out just seek His wisdom; walk His way
And none of us are perfect, but His perfect does not decay
So even when my heart is aching, I should be shouting and jumping
for the LordBecause now as bad as things can get, they're always better than
And when I hurt it can't last forever, because I follow Jesus
Christ as best I can
And day by day I grow, seeking His promised land
He's leading me by faith and hope and love, up and up and out
And I fail bad sometimes, but His forgiveness erases all of my doubt

tSo you, all His saints, jumpfor joy and cheer and shout'
Cause He'll be coming back for us soon, and everyone will know
what He's aboutOh God, You're so, so good
For so, so long I never understood
You rescued me from that murky mire
I said, "Jesus, save me!"You lift me higher and higher!