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    * Bible Questions

    I have some questions I want to be answered. Thanks for answering.

    #1. God recommend circumcision and Americans follow the pratice of circumcision which cause over 100 babies to die annually in the U.S. from blood loss. A baby has only 11.5 oz of blood volume and loosing 2.3 oz (20%) would kill the baby. So circumcision doesn't seem like it's from an all-knowing, all-loving God - it's man-made.

    #2. Why don't the Bible has writing about the Bubonic Plague and to be aware of rats and fleas that caused it. I thought the Bible was written by an all-knowing, all-loving God. Make it look like the Bible was written by not-all-knowing men.

    #3. Why don't the Bible has writing about washing your hands and cleanliness so millions would be saved from dirty hands by doctors and nurses? Only man did start doing this himself since the 19th century - no thanks to the Bible.
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