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Thread: Does God really give us EXACTLY what we ask for...

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    Derek Guest

    Does God really give us EXACTLY what we ask for...

    ...or is there always an aspect of that prayer He wants us to give up. I wrote a small dislouge the reflects my prayer when i was younger:
    Man at 23 years old: God, i would like a marital relationship with a woman my age.
    God: OK, fine. it'll happen when you're 45 years old.
    Man at 23 years old: WHAT??! No, wait, God thats not what i'm talking about. I need something like that when i'm still young. Too many years go by if i wait until then. I won't have the same life experiances as she probely would. In alot of ways she would end up being my elder. GOD WAIT! NOOOOO!!!!

    Now that's sorta what i'm facing. I'm 41 now and NEVER had anything even close to a relationship like that. i know God understands but..
    Here's how i see it: If god gave EXACTLY what we wanted when and how we wanted it, who would get the glory, us or God? no one likes to use the word "compromise because that inplies that God should be the one who comprises His ways and not us with our ways. And thats right, there is no compromise with God. but compromise is a good thing if we are compromising OUR ways and OUR desires for God's glory. When we do get our heart's desire and there is a certian aspect of it that did not go the way we had hoped for, but we are very thankful to God for it anyway then that's where God has the glory.
    is there any aspect about your desire or prayer request you are willing to give up to God? That's the attitude i am struggling with.

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    Re: Does God really give us EXACTLY what we ask for...

    I would hope that one day I will find someone I love who I can love, marry, honour, serve and life a long fruitful life with and have children who will like their parents love Jesus in a warm safe family home. But at the moment I'm single and although I hope and pray that I may have those things if it be his will I will make the best of where I am today. Using my singleness, it means I have more free time, and am financially comfortable, so I use my time to study, volunteer, get involved in church and christian group activities, and all to the glory of God. And the lessons of serving others, giving up my time for things which aren't all about me and working hard I will use if and when I have a family and will hopefully be a better man for it.

    It's tough and we all get impatient but we have a god who loves, cares, sustains and does not fail his children and just as I don't question whether my mother loves her children and has our best needs at heart neither shall I will my heavenly father.

    God Bless.

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    Re: Does God really give us EXACTLY what we ask for...

    I am 45 and single. Never been married. If God offered me today to have all my dreams come true that I had as a young man, but require for me to give up the things he has worked in me as a result of the long desert road He took me down, I would say no. God has a way of making us fruitful beyond our wildest dreams. I still desire to be married and believe that I will be one day and that I will have children. But what the Lord has given me of Himself is worth much! Perhaps he could have done so if I had married. I don't know. But I do know that He is a Treasure.

    Also, keep in mind, it is the Lord's opinion that it is not good for man to be alone. (We can talk about that too if you want to talk about some practical things.) Unless one is gifted to be single, being married is the God's preferred plan.

    Know this, above all, the Lord God can be trusted with our deepest dreams and desires. He knows our needs and our wants better than we do. If he grants a wife early, praise the Lord. If he grants a wife later, praise the Lord.

    One last thought, and it's a funny one (but not really when examined closely). "Better to be single wishing you were married than married wishing you were single."
    Matt 9:13
    13 "But go and learn what this means: ' I DESIRE COMPASSION,AND NOT SACRIFICE,' for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

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    Re: Does God really give us EXACTLY what we ask for...

    Couldn't say it better that Brother Mark!

    blessings to you
    My soul does GLORIFY the LORD, my spirit REJOICES in GOD MY SAVIOUR
    "To be entirely safe from the devils snares the man of God must be completely obedient to the Word of the Lord. The driver on the highway is safe, not when he reads the signs but when he obeys them." A.W.Tozer

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