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I get you on this, Israelis are scared of Iranian nukes. But to develop a nuclear warhead program is the last line of defense of a country that is vulnerable to invasion by the West, so its a logical defense system from an Iranian point of view. Its necessary. So for the Iranians a nuclear program is absolutely essential to defend itself from the more powerful West, from a Jewish perspective a nuclear armed Iran is absolutely untenable because of their concerns about a sudden attack. Both parties have a clear point of view, but the result is the west will be the aggressor because they are the stronger power and therefore able to win the war. And just like Iraq, they will find reasons to attack that justify themselves. Sure these bombers are Iranians, just like KKK murderers are Americans. But can they be proven to be sent by the Iranian government? I am sure under "interrogation" they will all admit that, and then you will have your strong case for an Iranian invasion. But I believe western media will end up with a lot stronger case than a few Iranians admitting under interrogation that they are agents of the Iranian government. The media campaign is underway and is unstoppable until the invasion occurs, you will end up with all the evidence you need, and maybe in about a year you can point a finger at me and confidently say that its been "proved" that Iran was the obvious aggressor the whole time and deserved what they got. I have no doubts that will be the case.
You work very hard to whitewash a dictator who allows no free elections and stifles all dissent by force, who is the leading supporter of terrorism today, who denies the Holocaust while talking about another one, whose leaders seem completely irrational.