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Thread: I keep falling back to square one now and over again.

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    I keep falling back to square one now and over again.

    I know I've posted this before but I hope this thing really cease and get away from my life. Everything that I'm facing now, it's always due to the things that keep going on in my mind. It's always there and yes I know I could avoid it but once again, I commit and I fell into sin. The cycle keeps repeating and I know it can't go on any further or I'll break down. I don't know if it's good having the guilt in me that says : "Yes I know I've done wrong and I should start changing and renewing my mind in the name of Jesus." Few weeks back when I'm having my exams, every single day whenever I study, I know I'm dependent on the Lord and thank God for He's always there with me. However, now having my holidays, it kinda makes me feel like I'm having so much of a free time and that's one problem whereby my mind will tend to wander away and things would start over again. & that's how it begins. I really have this urge to just cut this part of me off from the outside world that's filled with lust and all those things that I shouldn't be seeing, hearing, or listening to. I know how much I've got, I know God's always there, but it always strikes me and after that the guilt just makes me feel weak and I just feel that I myself isn't really focusing on the Lord. I need help and I want things to be good and I don't wanna side track away form the Lord. Help!!!

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    Re: I keep falling back to square one now and over again.

    It is fact that the more we focus on "being good" ... the more we end up ... well, not.

    Because the focus is on us, see?

    Jesus don't want you focusing on you. He wants you focusing on God and on other people. You're not created to focus on you. It's "unnatural" (as far as God is concerned). Let God focus on you. You focus on Jesus.

    So use all that free time to focus on Jesus and how you can love others, and let me know what happens.

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