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Thread: Christ-Centered Recovery Program

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    Christ-Centered Recovery Program

    I was watching Christian T.V. & they mentioned this program & website. They mentioned that most recovery programs talk about relying on a "higher power", where this recovery program is Christ centered ... Jesus, the true & only higher power ... our Lord & healer..

    There is also a place called the Dream Center. Web address below.

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    Re: Christ-Centered Recovery Program

    That's true...I worked with Celebrate Recovery for close to 2 years and most of that was as a Director. It is a Christ centered program. The others do rely on a "higher power" but unfortunately that higher power could be most anything and only Christ can break your chains.

    Now my husband and I have run our own biblical recovery program (name and link at the bottom of my page) for over 3 years and work with other faith based programs in our area in support of Christ centered programs. Christ should be the center of your recovery because only then will you receive true healing. It may take longer because God has you face your problems and weather each storm with him but in the end it will be a complete healing He's done it for us!

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    Re: Christ-Centered Recovery Program

    Cheech could you pm me the website?

    I can't access your profile (probably since I just joined). I was just researching Celebrate Recovery tonight. I have been wanting to pick up the Life Recovery Bible for awhile now. I have been to AA and wasn't thrilled with how I felt after. People have told me celebrate recovery is a better atmosphere because people are more focused on their recovery and less focused on what was happening during their addiction. I also liked how they were more Christ centered, because I want that to be a more prominent part of my recovery and not a vague part.

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