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    Help Answered Prayer??

    Hi everyone,

    So I have been praying for a long time for a new job. I have been at my job for 5 years now working in a restaurant. It makes me absolutely miserable, even though I am so thankful for it. I have 2 college degrees and have not been able to find work, I don't even get call backs and haven't had a job interview in over a year. Well, a friend of mine who lives in another state informed me that her job was hiring. I applied and got the job!! It has benefits, a decent salary and 401k after a year.

    Problem is I live in Florida with my husband and the job is in Atlanta, Ga. We are currently renting our house from my inlaws at a very good price. We can't sell the house quickly enough for this new job and want to just pay on it while we live in Ga for my job (we don't want to leave them with the mortgage payment and plan on moving back in a couple years). Unfortunatly from unemployment and other reasons in the past we both have terrible credit. I do not think either of us can even get approved for an apartment and don't have much time to look around or the money to spend on all the application fees. I
    feel I need to take this job if I ever want to start a career and finally get out of the restaurant business, but there are so many reasons not to take the job as well.

    My question is: Would God have answered my prayer for a new job and it end up being out of state with so many burdens of moving? I could come up with 10 good reasons easily not to move (most of them pertaining to money).

    I have put it all in God's hands to sort out, but its so hard not to worry about. This is a big deal and don't know if this is the answer to my prayers and everything will fall into place..or if all the reasons not to move are a sign. We discussed moving for the job before I even applied and were so excited when we got the call we had been waiting for. But now reality set in and I don't want to string the company along if we can't really move. I'm so lost. I keep praying for the answers, but find myself back at square one.

    Thanks for any replies and sorry this is so long.
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    Re: Answered Prayer??

    In a climate where there are few jobs for so many people, I would trust that God has opened up this opportunity for you. If it's His will for you take this job, then you know He will work out the details. Take one step at a time, and walk forward into the plans He has for you. Don't run ahead, but let God open each door as He sees fit. This situation is a faith builder, for you will see the faithfulness of God before your very eyes!

    blessings to you
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    Re: Answered Prayer??

    God often doesn't do things by the linear fashion we prefer. Last February, He opened a job door for my wife. We prayed and sought counsel about it, and stepped through it. She was traveling and I was being Dad, running our practice, and maintaining the household. He then opened one for me in May and we moved. Next, He opened one for a house in July...and only after all that did He open the door for us to sell our business, which was closed and behind us in another September. We had to go through the doors He opened before He opened the next one. The very last one, selling our business, was huge because it was costing us a bit over $4000 monthly while we were earning no income from it. It was a big test and took a large amount of trust to follow when we hadn't the answers to all the questions! Pray for wisdom and strength to follow where He leads. He knows what He's doing.


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