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Thread: Hi, I'm Mike

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    Hi, I'm Mike

    Please forgive me - I am at a loss for words and maybe that is a good thing. I need to gain a bit of knowledge and am hoping this is the correct place to do so. I have questions - some public, some private - and hope that none of my comments are taken as offensive to others. I am just trying to understand what my station in life is, and frankly, the situation I am in is complicated enough I feel I need 1 on 1 counseling, but I never had any success with that. The last time I spoke with a professional, I feel I received some very bad comments and judgment from them, although I am willing to admit I could have taken the comments the wrong way.. As my ID shows - I am lost in the world.

    Help, real help, is appreciated.

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    Re: Hi, I'm Mike

    Hey Mike, you will find there is a Counseling forum for this board. Under that board is a private board so if you wish to keep a topic private, then open a thread in the Counseling forum and simply ask for the thread to be moved by a Moderator and then some of the ministers on this site will address your post. Once it is moved, you can post the situation.

    Any posts left in the Counseling forum, any member of this site may offer words of advice and offers of prayer.

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    Re: Hi, I'm Mike

    Welcome, Mike:

    I do believe you have been brought to the right place. There are many people here who are willing and able to assist you in any way that you may need.

    I will be praying for you.

    In Him,


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    Re: Hi, I'm Mike

    Welcome to the forums Mike! I pray the Lord will bless your time here!

    blessings to you
    My soul does GLORIFY the LORD, my spirit REJOICES in GOD MY SAVIOUR
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    Re: Hi, I'm Mike

    Hi Mike, welcome to the board, glad you decided to join us and look forward to seeing you around!!

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    Re: Hi, I'm Mike

    Welcome aboard, Mike. I pray you find what you're searching for!


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    Re: Hi, I'm Mike

    Welcome Mike. May the LORD find you seeking Him and revealing unto you that which you seek - - - - Dravenhawk
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