Since I last posted about my health there have been some amazing changes

We had 17 days of Revival at Church. During that time I went through so much deliverance! I have since joined the coorperate dance team.

I was so miserable with my body image and my health. The Church is doing the biggest loser challenge. I joined. I'm also doing Zumba there 3 times a week. I have cut out all red meat. I eat healthy. Limit sweets. Cut back my coffee intake to two cups a day. Lots of fresh veggies.

I'm also working part time. A couple from Church ownes a cleaning franchise and I'm working for them. I love it.

I am praying a lot and giving things to God when I feel overwhelmed.

My energy level has increased and my body hurts a lot less. My life is improving by leaps and bounds. I'm happy

Thank you Jesus!