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Thread: dream deception or really from GOD

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    dream deception or really from GOD

    mine is about a woman is seen in church who i like but find very hard to speak too ih ave the feeling for her but as a christian feeling must be controlled not to control you i got so frustrated about it because it seems as though it was all eye contact i tested it with the word of God which says its a sin 1 peter 2.11 1john2.16 2peter 1.4 good word of god is right i prayed let her come into my house group then nothing happend then i prayed well she help with gardening then a nothing it must be deception then so feeling wouldent go away after praying .decided to pray and fast prayed all day and fasted who is this person lord i dont know but have feeling for and is not in my life that night GOD gave me a dream habakuk 2.3 it was board with writing on saying to cherish the person but it will tarey and im to proclam it .GOD also gave me some other scriptures psalm 128.3 proverbs 31.10 ruth 1.9 there has been 2 other comfimations but nothing in reality yet over ayear since last confimation word is god causing me to be fruitful thinking of this woman i carnt have or is it a clever deception from satan or have i failed again god again im not adding one of those faces because they are anoying i rejoice in you lord what ever the outcome.

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    Hello Horton, welcome to the forums!

    I cannot tell you that this is definitely a dream from God, but it certainly looks like it might be.You have taken it to the Lord, and He has given you scripture, and told you to wait for it to come to pass. His timing is not ours,and a year is not a long time for Him. I would just focus on God for now, continue to develop your relationship with Him, and wait for Him to move.

    blessings to you ((hug))
    My soul does GLORIFY the LORD, my spirit REJOICES in GOD MY SAVIOUR
    "To be entirely safe from the devils snares the man of God must be completely obedient to the Word of the Lord. The driver on the highway is safe, not when he reads the signs but when he obeys them." A.W.Tozer

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    If you like her ... go talk to her. Otherwise you'll stay stuck in your own head and this thing is going to get bigger and turn into obsession. Obsessions with other people ... are never of God, no matter how many Bible verses you think may or may not apply to your situation.

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    If God is encouraging you about this woman, then you are to make the first move. Go talk to her! Don't wait on her. You are the man therefor, you pursue. Now, if it is not God's timing, that's another thing.
    Matt 9:13
    13 "But go and learn what this means: ' I DESIRE COMPASSION,AND NOT SACRIFICE,' for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    thank you for reply bless you

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    thanks for your wisdom

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    God tells us not to look for a wife 1 cor 7.27 do have any scripure verse to back up your word

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    You should be totally focused on the Lord Jesus. If Jesus brings a woman into your life great. But as for dreams. This can be very dangerous. I would close that door immediately as you don't want to risk inviting evil spirits in. i would pray for God to take these dreams away as my faith in Jesus is enough.

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    his sheep here his voice faith in jesus is a relation ship a relation ship is two way thing so does god speak to us or not. bible says yes he does all the minor prophets had dreams visions joseph was the king of dreams daniel even paul the apostle we are in the end times and god does say we will see this sort of thing but watch for false messiahs one who claim to be the way of salvation the bible is the truth so what you going to do with it . add bits to it take bits away only read good bits stay a spiritual baby drinking milk or eat some meat. or go on to maturity in christ have the full ness of the spirit is only for real men i dont think there has been another like smith wigglesworth who wanted all his inheritance of god its waiting for those brave enough to take it o but we love this world so much and where only passing through we spend all are time polluting the temple by watching the goggle box drinking alcohol smoking weed which is sorcery which is a terrible sin witchcraft .passively reading the bible GOD wants us to adopted as sons refined like gold which he planned from the beginning to walk with him hes made the way through the second Adam honer him with your life you wont get another chance seek him now while he can be found jesus said you will fast when im gone GOD IS WAITING SO ACT .!!!

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    Re: dream deception or really from GOD

    been away long time every one but to this day dont know i went to pastor about it dream GOD showed me through the word to keep away from her door its not lawful for me to have her . being a christian is a mystery we seek GOD with all our heart and he still allows me to be decived and tested why dident he confirm it first of all women who flirt and have the jesabel spirit are bad news in the church

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