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Thread: HP Recovery DVD Freezes on Install

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    Re: HP Recovery DVD Freezes on Install

    Quote Originally Posted by shepherdsword View Post
    Have you tried a raw win7 disk(as in not the recovery disk)? Try one in 32 bit mode
    I have, but it's not in 32 it's 64 with the same issue. Here's what I've tried today. I placed by Vista 32 and deleted partition and recreated partition and formated, ejected cd and power down upon restart placed my Win 7 recovery disk into cdrom after going through the steps of formating, coping and coping to hard drive it restarted (7 or more hours). On restart which still was a long time (1 hour) it gave a BSOD.

    BSOD STOP :0x000009f (0x0000003, 0x824D940, 0x93367AE0, 0x82BC55A8)
    Driver_Power_ State_Failure

    I'm guess it has to due with one of theses "usb controller, wireless or the Ethernet Nic" because under the Vista 32 they are the only ones that have no driver. It really seem if HP Windows 7 (or Windows 7 itself) has bugs with in it recovery disk that want allow for devices or drivers to load.I'm looking at trying to use a Dos Debug to fine out which one is causing this BSOD and to see if I can disable it. I'm just not sure how to go about that any help is appreciated.

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    Re: HP Recovery DVD Freezes on Install

    Quote Originally Posted by Beckrl View Post
    I need help in figuring out why this laptop will not allow a data recovery install. First the the lady that gave me this laptop said that she dropped it. There is a small piece cracked on one of the corners, but that seems only cosmetic.

    HP Dandelion Breeze 15.6" Pavilion G6-1B59WM Laptop PC with AMD Dual-Core A4-3300M Processor

    With the AMD Dual-Core A4-3300M processor ( 2.5GHz) and 4GB DDR3 SDRAM. There was no recovery disk made and the laptop was unable to boot from the recovery partition. This system runs Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. So I order the recovery disks from Hp. When I try to install a clean copy of Windows it freezes at the "Starting Windows" screen.

    Here are the things that I have tryed:

    I've run test on the Ram which passed
    I've tryed using only one Ram stick at a time.
    I've run test on the harddisk which passed.
    I've tryed with a new harddisk that I had.
    I tryed removing the battery and only using AC.
    I've removed the wireless card.
    I've disabled all devices in Bios.
    I've updated the Bios from version 21 to 44

    Now here's what else I tryed, I tryed using my Windows Vista and guess what It installed although it took more time than normal. The problem with installing Vista is that there are no drivers for this laptop.

    What else should I try? I read where Windows 7 is known for freezeing becasue of low power due to the PSU and USB devices. Well as I mentioned I updated the Bios , but it has nothing that is to disable the USB and is using the AC
    Which HD Diagnostic disk are you trying to boot? How did you burn it to CD?

    Where did you get the Windows 7 installation DVD and how was it burned?

    90% of failures to boot a disk are user error.

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