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Thread: Food for thought: Garden style

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    Food for thought: Garden style

    Yesterday a thought came to me and I forgot it later. Thinking that maybe I should write those down. Maybe that if it was just meant to be said to me. Thinking if it was meant to be used for someone else, that God would remind me again.
    So at the beginning of my bible time, and I picked up the bible, the pages cracked opened at one place. Now I've believed that this is meant to, "start reading here". I have not seen this sign for several days, so I start here.
    Sure enough, after a few sentences, there was the word.

    Heres a couple of short biscuits and gravy.

    If you plant your garden and leave it to grow, will it grow? The ground grows hard and callus. Soon the plant is hidden from the light.
    Wouldn't it be better to cultivate the ground, to make it tender, so the garden will grow, without the non-wanted things trying to take it over.

    The second.
    Nails didn't hold Jesus to the cross, Love did.

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    Re: Food for thought: Garden style

    God bless your courage/confidence/faith, Protective Angel.
    That confident faith is your authority to cultivate the soil were ever you may go....
    The position or purpose that man was created for is the spiritual authority we/man have in this fallen world.

    The position, purpose or function that man was created for is: to be a steward, husbandmen or tender and care-takers of the garden of His creation, amen !
    Christ Jesus's work finished affords us the opportunity to become eternal co-beneficiaries of the soil we prepare, cultivate or tend in this fallen garden.
    That alone is good enough reason to me to not just cast His seed on the soil along my path(s), but to also effort to tend or even prepare the soil His seed lands upon.

    I think and act upon my thinking that: If we are to be obedient to the purpose we/man were created for, then we will tend and cultivate the garden at large: the fallen world we live in.
    But, I see an exception to that rule in one of the teachings that also came from the lips of my Lord teaching that when we are not received by our fellows after we were going about our business in the authority of practicing our purpose for man being created, if we are not received "after" we go about that business then we are as Christ so bluntly puts it: we are to just brush the dust from our feet and move on elsewhere to practice our authority of being a steward, husbandmen or tender and care-taker of His creation.

    The only situation I can see that would be excluded from "brushing the dust from our feet and moving on" rule, would be to exclude relationships such as immediate family, or any friendships where we have already been given, or have established special privy and access by those friends, privileged access to their hearts and minds.
    Those two environments are our very own personal garden(s)... cultivate the soil in those gardens, with out exception.
    Other than those two exclusions, if I detect I am not being received when I have been about my business of practicing the purpose we were created for: "tending His garden" then Christ instructs us to brush the dust from our feet that gathered there and just move on elsewhere about our business of being obedient to the purpose we were created for.

    Cultivate the soil in the garden at large (the fallen world), but with the exception of Christ teaching of when and where to brush the dust off our feet from environments that reject what we work to offer or share, or what we work to point toward.

    Father bless those who look to you, but have mercy on all of us to glorify your name.

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    Re: Food for thought: Garden style

    I've heard that gardening in Jesus' day was a bit different from our current way. We go out to the field clear all the debris, get the field all ready. Then we till and plant.

    While they went out and scattered the seed and then tilled everything together. So everything grew up together. In the field you would find life, weeds, rocks, bugs, everything together. Sounds a lot like my walk.

    I heard Bill Johnson say recently that you can receive a word from God, a seed, and agree in your head about the truth of that seed. But if you don't do/cultivate something with that word, it will die in your head and never move into your heart. We can hear a sermon on how important it is to care for the poor and needy and say amen, but if we don't get up and do anything for the poor and needy, that seed dies. Did it fall on rocky ground? Snatched up by birds? Grow among thorns? Don't matter, it died. It wasn't cultivated.
    \o/ Every heartbeat for your glory!

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