I've been following the 2011/2012 Primary's, and as a dutchy there are some things that I found very illogical and frightening. One of the things is the subject of religious freedom.

I simply ''youtube'd'' around (much quicker) and found recent and some controversial statements (only searched for Santorum as I quickly found some examples).
For example:

So I was wondering, what are your opinions about all this? Religious freedom is something politicians around the world claim to enfore/preserve, but based on Santorums statements above and in debates, he doesnt seem to actually believe in it. What are your opinions about religious freedom?
(another optional question ofcourse that immediatly springs to mind, is Religious Freedom actually possible? Is it not a paradox, as ''freedom'' is (or isnt)?)

I hope that this doesnt turn into a ''our religion is better than X'' discussion, that would be the complete opposite of what this topic is about. Also not meant to start a Santorum bashing/defending topic, just interested in YOUR opinion on religious freedom.

Thanks for your time,