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Thread: Baby boy with cancer

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    Baby boy with cancer

    I have very little info to share, and this is not someone I know personally, but an acquaintance is asking for prayer for a baby boy named Ethan. He has cancer that has spread to his brain. Chemo is not working, and the cancer is inoperable. Please pray for baby Ethan and his family.

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    Re: Baby boy with cancer

    Very sad. Praying for Ethan and his parents

    blessings to you
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    Re: Baby boy with cancer

    Praying for God to heal baby Ethan of everything that is going on in his little body and for God to give his family peace.

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    Re: Baby boy with cancer

    Prayers this morning for little Ethan and his besieged family.

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    Re: Baby boy with cancer

    Praying that Ethan is Healed, in body, mind and spirit; and his parents meet the Lord Jesus through this tragedy and put their trust in Him . .

    Jesus said 'let the children come to Me' - so I ask that He hold's Ethan in His Arms and comforts him, now and in the future . . .

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    Re: Baby boy with cancer

    Truly sad, I am praying for a miracle.

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