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Thread: Help me!!!! I have scrupilousity!

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    Re: Help me!!!! I have scrupilousity!

    I want to recommend an online, mentored course that can help you. I am a volunteer mentor with this organization and I have seen people with OCD and one with scrupulosity see major changes in their thinking and attitudes. Please try this.

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    Re: Help me!!!! I have scrupilousity!

    The issue really isn't with your salvation or lack thereof. The issue is the fact that you're taking prior behavior and thought patterns, and you are transferring those over into the realm of salvation, so it's just more of the same for you: Something else to obsess and stress out over.

    I think the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can begin to get to the bottom of things.

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    Re: Help me!!!! I have scrupilousity!

    Sins against God will be forgiven.
    Sins against Jesus will be forgiven.
    Sins against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. But this was committed by the pharasees who said Jesus was of the devil.

    You can't lose your salvation. Jesus says none that the father has given me have I lost.

    Breaking these obsessions can be a very long and slow road.
    You are the servant, not the master. Jesus bought you with his blood so even if you give your soul away it means nothing. Jesus owns your soul.

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    Re: Help me!!!! I have scrupilousity!

    I understand completely what you are going thru, and I will be praying for you...I suffer from scrupulostiy thoughts are just crazy and bad...but I keep telling God I dont mean them and that I love him and the Holy Spirit and I have to keep saying...I wish good towards God and the Holy Spirit...I completely understand what you are dealing with..its awful to have thoughts you dont want or mean going over and over in your head like a tape player on fast forward that you cant cut off...I suffer from unwanted religious type thoughts everyday..and yes some days I feel like giving up and giving in...and I do feel depressed alot...but I try to take one day, one minute at the time..thats all we can do...and I just try to keep saying to the devil..."get thee behind me Satan, in the name of Jesus" and keep on..its hard and I completely understand..if you want to talk more you can message me...maybe somehow we could help each other...but know that God loves you and he does understand and you are safe in Gods hands...prayers going up for you!
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    Re: Help me!!!! I have scrupilousity!

    Prayer and seeking help besides just an online forum..these are paths to take. No one can change your thought patterns for you; but someone can get to the root causes and help you change them yourself. My heartfelt prayers you find help and answers.
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    Re: Help me!!!! I have scrupilousity!

    Others have offered great advice and some helpful scriptural readings. I read that Martin Luther suffered from this as well.

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