From the BBC:

' “Only God knows how I escaped from that Maidugari*. They bomb over there. All my property, all my things are there,” said the young electronics trader, before letting out a short scream. “My parents, my brother and one of my sons died there” '.

An article by Mark Lobel, a BBC journalist, published online yesterday (March 16th), gives several harrowing accounts by traumatized Christians who have managed to flee to southern Nigeria. Their escape has been possible thanks to “a free bus service provided by elders from the south-eastern Igbo community[mainly Christian], in response to a threat [by Islamists Boko Haram] for southerners and Christians to leave the mainly Muslim north.' About 2000 people have used the service.

The article also gives further information on the current unrest.

Full article:

*: Maidugari, where much of the violence has taken place, is the capital of Borno State in northeastern Nigeria.

Please pray for the mental and physical healing, and other needs of these traumatized Christians. Please pray that the resources would be available to allow these rescue efforts to continue, and for the protection of those involved. Please remember all our Nigerian brothers and sisters in your prayers in this time of very great uncertainty and confusion in their nation.