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Thread: "Possible UFC fight between GSP and Anderson Silva. Who would pick??

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    "Possible UFC fight between GSP and Anderson Silva. Who would pick??

    Heard on the radio today UFC President Dana White wanting to put together a possible fight between Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre and Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, probably in Canada. There's no way Silva would be able to drop down to GSP's weight class, so GSP would need to move up or they will just do a catch weight bout. IMO, GSP's best chance of winning would be to keep the fight on the ground as I don't believe he would be able to match Silva's stand up.

    If this fight were to happen, who would be your pick. Personally, I'd have to go with Silva. What say you??

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    Re: "Possible UFC fight between GSP and Anderson Silva. Who would pick??

    I would have to go with Silva as well. He is about the best MMA fighter I have ever seen and has remained dominant for longer than anyone(I think)

    Although I respect GSP as he is a great fighter as well you are correct in stating that his only hope would be to keep it on the ground. The only problem is Silva is a Brazilian Jujitsu black belt as well and I think he edges GSP even in ground skills. You never know though,the unpredictable can happen. That's why they actually have the fight

    Silva does have a tendency to go into a match with a half hearted complacency sometimes and if he does GSP might catch him loafin.
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    Re: "Possible UFC fight between GSP and Anderson Silva. Who would pick??

    I'm a huge GSP fan, but in this case I agree, he will problably give Sulva a run for his money but will most likely not win... will be interesting to see if GSP takes the fight though.

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