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Thread: Carol introduces herself

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    Carol introduces herself

    My name here is Carol and I am fairly new to christianity, though I've been sort of a believer since 2005. I say "sort of" because I have multiple personality disorder, and I am the only one who is a christian. So that's why I stated that I'm seeking Christ in my profile - we are seeking our faith identity as a whole, and I hope we'll all find Christ that way. Carol is not hte body's name. I am married to a very liberal christian and theology student, but through his academics he learns mostly to criticize the Bible. I am not sure yet what I believe about the Bible, but I will not debate this stuff here since this is a christian forum. I just started to read the Bible today (NIV, I know guys here prefer the KJV but English is my second language so I go the easy road). I hope I am welcome here.

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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Yes, Carol, you are most welcome here. I hope your time spent with us is fruitful! Feel free to ask questions and to challenge...that's two ways we learn.


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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Hi Carol, welcome to the board.

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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Welcome to the board Carol...and others. Are you and the rest of you aware of the board rules for Christians and non-Christians?
    Don't seek too much knowledge. You just may be putting more weight on your shoulders than you're able to bare. Let God be the one to decide how quickly you grow.

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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Thanks for the welcomes. Yes, I do think we read the rules, but I'll go read them again.

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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Oh, I just saw indeed that I cannot access most of the board, most likely due to my having said I'm not yet a christian. I really need some guidance on this, since I actually came here for christian fellowship, but I do not want to betray anyone (including the Lord) by pretending the whole of us is christian. On another forum, I just said I am christian, but I have some feeling that this would be deceptive.

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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Good morning and welcome, Carol. I am sure that we can help you out here: all you have to do is ask. And I will pray for you.

    In Him,


    Romans 8:15-17
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    "Sometimes it concerns me, you know, the number of people that can quote my songs, and-- or they can quote the songs of several different people, but they can't quote the Scriptures."
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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Thanks for the prayer. It is much appreciated.

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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Hello everybody, I'm new on the forum too. My pleasure to meet you!
    I'm new to Christianity as well, I was an atheist earlier but now I believe in God and I need support from experienced Christians.
    Thanks in advance for your advice and recommendations.

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    Re: Carol introduces herself

    Welcome GarzaM. I am not an experienced christian but maybe we can learn together.

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