After the darkness, there shineth a light
Beyond death, another life? Therefore,
Open your doors, o chambers of the west
Step aside yonder grey clouds, draw thy curtain
For I come to receive my crown; as I enter
Rising like the day into the spiritual realm
Donning the apparel of the seraph in the evening
Whose flaming wings bathe the horizon
Onto the earth and heavens, from the world beyond
As another sphere of thought that passes before the night
Gives rise to a silence that flows from Paradice
In a vision that proceeds from the embers of the sky
Giving grace to the body, mind and soul
As love shall burn greater than the flame
And breathes the breath of peace

Blows a gust of wind, memories appear and disappear
As the vision slowly turns into a dream
Through death, you feel a life, that's close
As you begin to realize, what everything has now become
Once to live, once to remember
Another time to see the world all around
In a place of deep slumber, where you are not in bond
Immediately you are above even from terra where you stand
Through the eyes of infinity, all is as one
And that is all there is to be known
As your spirit is escorted by the angels into Heaven