A gust of wind, white clouds they sail
They sail, they sail, they sail
Who can tell, who knows where they sail
And still they sail, they sail
Like the shadowy ghost of a dream
Breaking through, the sun sends beams
Lights up the world and the truth is seen
Is seen, is seen, is seen
It is seen, and then from far away
As though in amorous play
Opening itself up into marvels of the day
Is a stretch of blue
All enlivening as it comes into view
Appearing so lovely, pure and true
A face so beautiful, arrayed in a secret
So open and fair it holds no regret
For in her bosom lies a mystery, and even yet
Through a break in the weather
Always and ever, her secret is forever
And ever, and ever, and ever
Hushed in mellow tones, the hope she brings
A melody of wonder in the early spring
Carried through the air by a bird in wing
And it sings, it sings, it sings
It sings a song of joy, that true hearts can employ
Into their lives if there be nothing in way to annoy
My point of view, what am I getting to?
Is that truth is seen in a sky of blue
Up in Heaven above, this is love
This is the wonder that God has spoken of!