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Thread: Sexual status quo

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    Sexual status quo

    As a young, professing Christian, how do you percieve the state of the virginity of those around you? Why do you believe/know so? Is it from incidents or situations you've seen, been in, heard about, or speculated on? Are you mostly around believers or just the public at large? What about kinds of social scenery (Church functions, party, chilling at home, etc)? Are you observing the working class or middle class or the well to do? When and where do you think they are having sex? Just tell me what you will regarding the status quo of the subject.

    I ask because it is being discussed elsewhere by adults about the percent (%) of young believers who marry as virgins. I wanted to hear it from the young, Christian adults themselves.

    This is sort of a sociological survey but I want to use it to hear and to know the task at hand with todays young adults. After all, it is prudent to know thy enemy/work.

    Share what you percieve, but do clarify if it is substantial or speculative.

    I'm a young adult myself and frankly I know very little substantial (maybe I'm naive). So I've got no stories but I'll say two things.
    First, either people are very good at hiding it OR I'm even more naive than I thought. Secondly, among Christians there seems to be less free sex and more vulnerability within a relationship. With that in mind, it really makes me question this whole dating culture.

    I know that wasn't much from me, but see what you can share on the subject. Keep it PG and reasonably within the board rules.

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    Re: Sexual status quo

    I have some non-believing friends who are quite frank about their sexuality. One friend had no issue telling me she first had sex at 13. Another, I once called on the phone and she didn't answer. A half hour later I tried again and she mentioned she didn't answer at the time because she was having sex with her boyfriend.

    I would perceive that at 20 years of age, the majority of my peers are not virgins. There are those who are this way because they've never been in a relationship, or because they choose to abstain. Mostly the former. But as for the others, they have been in relationships spanning a sufficient period of time that, since they see no need to remain virgins, have probably had sex at least once.

    Nowadays most of my closest friends are believers. From what I would gauge, largely due to singleness or abstinence, they have remained virgins. In my youth group in particular, where the average age seems to be around 16, I'd say all but perhaps one or two have not had sex, and the couple that may have did so then told me nothing about it. Not that they would anyway.
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