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Thread: returning from winter hiatus

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    returning from winter hiatus


    I have commited an internet boo-boo and forgot my email and password to this wonderful place. My old name was Rafyel and I joined last year March. Well, Hello and I know I will gain much in prayers and things spiritual in being here. I pray that God is kind enough to let me share something positive and uplifting with others here.

    Happy and Blessed

    p.s. it was a long and difficult winter, but filled with growth.

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    Re: returning from winter hiatus

    Hello and welcome back. Start a thread in the Chat 2 Mods and the admin can help you get everything under which ever user name you want to use...get all your post in one place.

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    Re: returning from winter hiatus

    Haven't met you previously, but welcome back anyway!


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