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Thread: mobile version is blank

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    mobile version is blank

    Since this afternoon, when I come here on my phone all I get is a blank page. Completely blank. Thinking it could be some sort of login/security issue I tried my wife's phone just now and got the same.

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    Well, it's good to know it's not only happening to me.

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    I can't even get on the forum anymore on my Android devices. They seem to be stuck in the Mobile mode.

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    I can on my tablet, but not my phone.

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    I know that they did some sort of security updates the other day, but that was one day after the initial post on this thread, so it probably was not that.

    I'm an old-timer yet. I have a Linux tower computer here, and a linux laptop --- no problem hooking up here. I don't have any of those fancy iphones and other gizmos yet --- just a Motorola razor cell phone.

    But I do have B&N nook which runs on Android and I have no problem hooking up with this site.

    I'd ask the administrators if anything is going on their end to this site. When more than one device, and similar ones like that all have the same problem, you can logically rule out problems with the devices. My gut feeling is that there's something in this software code that the devices don't know how to interpret. But if it worked before, something had to have changed.

    Edit add-on: AND remember one other thing. Everyone kisses up to Microsoft yet. It's not that Linux and Apple and Android are not great OS's. I think they're actually far better, but some applications and software caters to Microsoft and then when these other OS's can't run it, Microsofter die-hards laugh at how bad the other OS's are. But that's not the problem. It's just that the amount of software is not there yet. But then again, neither are the annoying viruses (and NEVER will be, either!)

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    It's just the mobile version. My Linux boxes are fine.

    Not to encourage the linux vs windows debate....been through those for 12 years, but what you said is not entirely accurate. Lots of things linux has now is still not as good as on windows. Video, flash, java, forum software, when browsing the internet all run a lot slower on linux than windows. Always have. It's not enough to make the software available. It needs to be optimally coded to run efficiently across platforms. That takes money. That's just how it is. Those with cutting edge boxes usually don't notice. Those of us that build our own and can barely run today's technology do.

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    Tim, can you use the mobile version of the forum on your Motorola razor?

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    Quote Originally Posted by Noeb View Post
    Tim, can you use the mobile version of the forum on your Motorola razor?
    I don't use it for that. Costs extra. I go on the Internet only at home here, or if I'm traveling finding hot spots, not 3G or 4G Internet access. I rarely go anywhere other than into town once a week, and to work 3 or 4 times a week, and to church up the road. Otherwise, I stay home.

    I wanted to give my feedback merely using Internet access here at home regarding the question of this post. Linux and Android OS's work fine here and have no problems connecting. Microsoft connects but I only have one such computer any longer (I keep it only for my wife's job that uses a program that only runs on Microsoft) but it is, of course, a lot slower and I lose patience with it, even though it's actually one of the better computers in the house here with faster processor and more memory and bigger hard drive. The rest are jalopies and this one had Microsoft on it, and I almost threw it out when it caught a bad virus, but then decided to put Linux on it and now it has a new lease on life.

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    It should be working now
    Time's up

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    Quote Originally Posted by bdh View Post
    It should be working now
    Working now on this end!!


    Thanks BDH!

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    Re: mobile version is blank

    Working here!
    Thank you, thank you!
    Just had to reselect the mobile version from the drop-down list.

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