Open Doors UK, Middle East Concern (MEC)

‘On 27 December, Pastor Vruir Avanessian was taken into custody when police raided a Christmas celebration meeting in Tehran. Police took the contact details of the approximately 50 Christians gathered in the house, most of whom were from Muslim backgrounds. They were told they would be summoned individually to the local security office following an investigation. According to MEC [Middle East Concern], Pastor Vruir remains detained in Evin prison, Tehran. There are serious concerns for his health, as he suffers from chronic kidney disease for which he requires dialysis twice a week’

Please pray that the new converts would stand strong in the faith as they go through this ordeal. Please also pray for the release of the detained pastor and for his health and his protection.


E-mail alert, Open Doors, UK, January 4th 2013

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