Parasha: Re'eh (See)

DEUT 11:26-16:17...................ISAIAH 54:11-55:5.........1 JOHN 4:1-6

Moshe is in his final days, and he offers Israel either blessings or curses. Blessings if they follow Adonai's mitzvoth, or curses if not. When we look at the world today, we see the exact same situation. God has set down his standards, his commandments, and it is up to us to obey or disobey, either harvest blessings or reap the curses. This is a conditional covenant, ALL covenants are based on conditions. Even our salvation (Yeshuah) is based on a condition, the condition being if we come with a contrite heart and repent of our sins and accept Yeshua as Mashiach, and be "born again".

This Parasha also speaks of "a prescribed place of worship" Moshe warns his people that they can not just worship in any way they want, nor in any place, there is a prescribed manner and way, and place. The place (back then) was the Mishkan (tabernacle) and the way, was by bringing their sacrifices to the Levite priests. "Where the LORD sets his name" was where people could worship. Back then, it was at the tabernacle and later on, the temple...NOW.. he has set HIS name in every believer through the Ruach HaKodesh, (Holy Spirit) Scripture says that where two or more are gathered together in HIS name, that HE would be in the midst. Such a wide difference between now and then.

The local body of believers (Ha Kehilah or Kehilot (plural) ) is where the LORD puts his name also, and this is where we receive our spiritual food every week, on the Sabbath and on Sundays for church goers. We need this getting together for fellowship, praise, and learning Torah, and having lunch together afterwards.

Beware of false gods (12:29) A false god is anything that comes between our relationship with Messiah Yeshua, be it money, work, pleasure, sports, etc, not that those things are evil in themselves, but CAN he a hindrance in our relationship with God, if allowed to dominate our time and our lives, then...they become as gods. Watch out and beware!!

In 12:15 Moshe talks about slaughtering meat and eating it, like the gazelle and deer, both the clean and the unclean alike. Some people get confused and think that Moshe is talking about clean and unclean meats, Yet if we look closely, he is talking about "people" being "clean" and "unclean" an "unclean" person could be someone who just buried a relative, the person had to pick up the corpse and bury it, or a person might have been picking up fire wood and accidently, touched a dead snake, or something similar, that person would be "unclean" until the evening, but that person could still slaughter and BBQ meat.

Chap 14 deals with physical food, Moshe reviews YHVH's kosher menu which was first mentioned in Leviticus 11. Reading the list speaks for itself, some people ask, why only fish with fins and scales can we eat? but I love lobster, crawdads, cat fish nuggets, steamed clams, crabs, and butter fried shrimp. One thing these sea creatures have in common is that they are bottom feeders, they eat the dead and decaying corpses of other marine life, they are "marine cockroaches" so just like you would never think of eating a cockroach, that is what you are eating when you eat those sea creatures. What are "clean birds?" They are the birds that DONT eat blood, the other birds mentioned in this chapter are scavengers, they eat dead and decaying animals, what are examples of clean birds? well, the ones that eat grains, like chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, etc. (ever hear of a Thanksgiving vulture?)

Mitzvah concerning tithes. Before, the people tithed their first born animals, and the first of their crops, yes, they COULD eat of those together with the Levite priests, yet we today tithe our income, and we usually give ALL of our income tithe to our local church or our local synagogue, because, the local church/synagogue is an organization that needs up-keep, maintenance, bills paid, etc, just like any other organization, but God uses HIS people to do it, with our tithes and offerings.

Three main high Holy Days are mentioned in chapter 16. the PASSOVER, the FEAST OF WEEKS, (Shavuot/Pentecost) and the FEAST OF TABERNACLES (sukkot). Why are these so important? they all point to Messiah Yeshua. In Passover, YESHUA is the Unleavened Bread, the Bread of Life, the sacrifice lamb, who took on our sins with BITTERNESS, In Shavuot, we see the giving of the Torah on Sinai, Yeshua is the Living Torah, the LIVING WORD, also, the coming of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) who is GOD living in every born again believer, and the FEAST OF TABERNACLES which celebrates GOD coming to live among us through YESHUA HaMASHIACH, In the Millennial Kingdom, we will travel to Yerushalayim during these Festivals.

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ISAIAH 54:11-55:5

The Prophet comforts Israel, even though they are being punished for disobedience, for unbelief, yet in the future, Israel WILL be comforted, during the Millennial kingdom, they will be blessed in ALL ways, treated like royalty, ...and their RIGHTEOUSNESS, their YESHUAH is from ME, says the prophet, Yeshua HaMashiach is their righteousness and their salvation, and HE is OURS as well. Are we not part of the Commonwealth of Israel?
joined to HIS people HIS nation, like the grafted-in Olive branches. Come to the waters and drink, it is free, the Living Water who is Yeshua is free, free to accept, and freely given is his gift of eternal life, to all who believe in HIM.

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I JOHN 4:1-5

Test the spirits, says the apostle Yochanan, How do we know that God speaks through some people/ministers/ or so called "prophets"? What do they believe about Yeshua? Did he come in the flesh, to reveal who God is? did he come as part of Elohim? as Echad? Did he come as "God made flesh" if yes, then the person is of God, if no, then the person is NOT of God, couldn't be any easier understood.

Shabbat Shalom.................Rabbi Ben Avraham