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Thread: Israel's Condition in Light of the Gospel

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    Israel's Condition in Light of the Gospel

    After searching this forum and going thru so many threads and posts, I've noticed a seemingly growing number of contributors who allude to Hebrew, or at least affiliations to Jewry. This prompted me to wonder how many Messianic Jews are contributors here. I for one, am not Jewish but years ago I was blessed and led to search the scriptures and the mysteries of the kingdom of God by applying diligent study and understanding thru Jewish heritage and perspective. It has been and continues to be an extremely rewarding and humbling experience with an emphasis that comes from the apple of God's eye.

    It would be awesome to know how many Jews are believers in Jesus (Yeshua) are contributors here.

    Also, I have heard that there is a growing movement in Israel proper that the gospel is being accepted as many are finding faith in their true savior. Do any of you have anymore insight into this?


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    Re: Israel's Condition in Light of the Gospel

    There are probably many of us here who are descendants of Jacob and just don't know it. If my Jewish ancestor converted 1000 years ago and began to live as Christians, how would I know? The same is likely true for many here. Any descendant of Israel is technically Jewish, whether they know it or not.

    Although, I think you are referring to recent Jewish converts, of which there are many. Midnight is coming very soon when no one can work. God is intervening to save many Jews, muslims, etc. before that day comes.

    I do look forward to the day when all the branches, natural and grafted in, become one people. What a great day that will be!

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