• Mar. 17, 2017 | China

    Pray for Pastor Jin Tianming, Under House Arrest Since 2011

    [90] prayers in [15] nations have been posted for Pastor Jin.
    The pastor of a house church has been under house arrest since 2011 in China for refusing to join the Three-Self Church. Read More.
  • Mar. 17, 2017 | Syria

    Pray for Christians in Aleppo, Food and Jobs Still Scarce

    [45] prayers in [10] nations have been posted for Aleppo Christians.
    Pray for Christians living in war-torn Aleppo. Few jobs are available and this has forced many families to share small apartments. Read More.
  • Mar. 17, 2017 | Iran

    Pray for Evangelism Efforts during Persian New Year

    [38] prayers in [9] nations have been posted for Evangelists.
    Iranians will celebrate the Persian New Year, known as "Nowruz," on March 21. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians will travel during this holiday period. It is a crucial time for evangelism and discipleship efforts for many churches and ministries focused on Iran. VOM supports a range of efforts including training and conferences for leaders and church planters, Bible distributions to Persian seekers and believers, and ministries focused on sharing the gospel. Please pray that many would hear and receive the Word of God. Read More.