I am at peace. Going back to Islam is not an option.
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Scroll DownAbout Somalia

  • Leader:President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud
  • Government:Federal republic
  • Population:11,392,000 (a few hundred Christians)
  • Main Religion:Islam
  • Persecution Level:Extreme
  • Source of Persecution:Islamic Extremism, Ethical Antagonism

Somalia has been on the World Watch List since 1993. Islam was already firmly established in Somalia before the arrival of Christianity, and as a result, life for believers is defined by hostility. Somalia’s tribal system — as an informal way of governing Somalia — is very resistant to modern government models, including democracy, which means that Christians have absolutely no voice in society. Since the downfall of Ziad Barre in 1991, Somalia has become a safe haven for Islamic militants. Christian converts from Islam in the country have been facing a great deal of persecution, and martyrdom is very common. The mere suspicion of one’s having renounced Islam leads to a rushed public execution.

To aid believers in Somalia, Open Doors works through local partners, providing underground Christians with discipleship training, Bibles and Christian books, along with development programs and more, helping these believers to survive on the outskirts of society.
Prayer Points for Somalia

  • Pray for Christians in Somalia who risk martyrdom if their faith is discovered and struggle with keeping it to themselves.
  • Pray that they would have wisdom and discernment in sharing the gospel with others, along with a quiet boldness and sense of God’s presence with them.
  • Pray for Christians in Somalia who are isolated from the larger Body of Christ.