Please pray for a pastor in Sri Lanka’s Kalutara district whose home has been attacked twice in the space of two days.

The pastor received a letter from a local official stating that his religious worship activities were not registered and that he could only continue with them if he registered in accordance with the 2008 Circular* issued by the Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs.

A little while later, on Saturday and Monday, his home was pelted with stones, the first time for more than an hour. The pastor, who has conducted religious worship activities in the area for the past 17 years, has lodged complaints with the police.
  • Pray for protection for this pastor and his congregation.
  • Pray that church leaders in rural areas of Sri Lanka would not be intimidated by officials’ use of the 2008 Circular.
  • Pray that our petition to the Sri Lankan Government calling for the repeal of Circular 2008 would succeed.

Sign this petition to repeal the 2008 Circular. *Circular 2008 requires all new constructions of religious places of worship to be registered. This circular, however, has no basis in Sri Lankan law. According to Sri Lankan legislation, there is no legal requirement to register places of worship with the state.


Thank you for praying for our brothers and sisters in Egypt following the Palm Sunday bombing of two churches.

Watch this amazing response to the attacks.
Please forward this to Christian friends so that they can pray and act too.