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Thread: Chuck Missler explains Joshua's long day

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    Chuck Missler explains Joshua's long day

    Chuck Missler's commentary on Joshua is being aired on or 93.3 FM in Rockford, IL. Today (Friday, April 21) at 2am, 8am, 9pm CST. The 2nd half of Chuck's teaching on Mars will be on Monday. Mars had a 720 year orbit around the Sun. Earth had a 360 day orbit. Every 54 or 108 years the 2 planets would pass together. Velikovsky (1954) found the Chinese had a long night when Joshua had a long day. The earth tilted towards the Sun for Joshua's long day. In 701 BC, the calendar changed to 365 days. This is when Hezekiah told the Lord to change the Sun by 15 steps. Another scientist figured out this lines up with the days of Peleg when the earth was divided. is a website for books on topics like this. jmmccsi does not have the religious vigor that Missler has but does show how the bible and science mesh.
    My comment on Peleg. In Peleg's 27th year (when he was 26 years old) and Shem is 225, there are 225 more years until Abram was born when we realized that Abram was born when his father Terah was 130 (subtract the ages of Terah and Abram when Abram buried his father). Terah was not 70 when Abram was born. Haran is the oldest son. Abram is chosen as the firstborn and is listed first. the lifespans are halved after Peleg from 400 years to 200.

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    Re: Chuck Missler explains Joshua's long day

    Chuck Missler


    A Los Angeles Times article reported that Missler and co-author Hal Lindsey had plagiarized a portion of Miami University Professor Edwin Yamauchi's 1982 book Foes From the Northern Frontier in their own 1992 book The Magog Factor.[12] After the plagiarism was acknowledged[clarification needed], book shipments to bookstores were discontinued and all of the authors' proceeds donated to a ministry.[13]

    Missler has also been accused of plagiarism of New Age writer Michael Talbot's 1992 book The Holographic Universe in his 1999 book Cosmic Codes: Messages from the Edge of Eternity.[14] Missler has also acknowledged this plagiarism and has since publicly apologized. He said a correction would be inserted in all unsold copies and the book itself updated in subsequent printings. Missler has donated all of the author's proceeds from the book to a ministry.[15] [16]

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